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MASH My Average Life includes a new twist on the classic MASH game, along with several "My Average Life"-style stories guaranteed to make you laugh.

What's different about this MASH versus the others? Well, full Facebook Integration for one. Not just sharing your stories (whoopty doo, right?) but actually pulling your friends' names, schools, employers, jobs, locations right into the story. Second, downloadable stories - HUGE!! New, wild stories downloaded to your device from the cloud King on a regular basis. Sweet, huh?

From the publisher of the original MASH game for the iPhone, MASH My Average Life is the next evolution of everyone's favorite MASH game!

New Year’s Eve Kiss

Who will YOU kiss on New Year's Eve?

Twas the Night Before Christmas

A classic holiday poem re-imagined.

Jingle Bells

MASH-up a classic holiday carol!

Championship Football Game

A legendary football victory in the making.

Halloween Adventure

A MASH Halloween Adventure!

Cat Fight

Who comes between you and your crush?

Celebrity Date #1

You'll never believe who asked me out!


Your future wedding revealed!

MASH Classic (FULL)

16 Questions. MASH Classic predicts your future. In detail.

MASH My Average Life

MASH with a twist.

First Meeting - Relationship Series - Part 1

The first time you ever met your future spouse. Part 1 of the Relationship Series

MASH Superhero (Quick Version)

Discover your superpowers!

Secret Admirer

A secret letter for your crush.

MASH Trick or Treat

A trick or treating story.

MASH Valentine Story

A special fortune in Love.

A Prisoner’s Valentine

It runs in the blood.

How I Ended Up in Detention

Don't make a bet you can't keep!

The Great Pirate Battle

An epic adventure!

MASH Superhero

Discover your superpowers!

A Strange Encounter

Sometimes free has its price!

First Thanksgiving

Learn about the REAL foods eaten at The First Thanksgiving.

Halloween Facebook Post

A funny Halloween FB post

MASH Classic (Quick Version)

A quick version of classic MASH.

Facebook Post #2

Let everyone on FB know what you did today--MASH style!

Don’t step on it

A funny joke - MASH style!

Facebook Post (Heart)

Your crush just left a post on your FB wall.

Famous Proverbs #2

Famous proverbs & sayings MASH style.

Break-up Letter

A not-so-friendly break-up letter.

Wedding Vows

Wedding vows that came to you in a dream.

Cheesy Love Poem

Exactly what it sounds like.


This is how rumors get started.

A Love Sonnet

A Shakespearian sonnet gone wrong.

Holiday FB Post

A fun Facebook post for the holidays.


A diary entry about meeting a new boy at school.

Generic Facebook Post #19

A generically fun Facebook post to share with your friends!

Famous Proverbs #1

Famous proverbs & sayings MASH style.

Voicemail Message #68: Unusual Delivery

An unusual voicemail left by an unknown caller.


Medical transcriptions gone wrong.

Jealous Crush

Jumping to conclusions.

How You Die

Will today be the day?

Download Stories

MASH My Average Life has downloadable story sets, so you won't get bored. New stories are being written all the time. And best of all, the stories are FREE.

Be Social. Facebook Integration.

Full Facebook integration, not that namby pamby Facebook integration like you'll see in other MASH apps. With Facebook mentions, use your Facebook friends' names, schools and more right in the game, easy.

Play MASH MAL with Friends

MASH MAL is good fun to play by yourself, we know. But play MASH MAL with friends and "Oh snap!!". So much better when there's a crowd. Laugh, cry, scream - always a good time.